Job-hunting can be really stressful and overwhelming.

One of the sources of this stress is that relevant job ads are dispersed all over the place, in different job boards, different email lists, communities, etc. Sometimes it feels you spent more time searching for job ads rather than applying for jobs. I know. I have been there myself.

That is why I made pyremote.

I wanted a comprehensive source that included all remote Python jobs. There are websites out there that aggregate jobs but none of them satisfied me 100%. I still had to do some job search on my own. So I created an aggregator. Today pyremote gathers jobs from the following sources:

  • StackOverflow Jobs
  • GitHub Jobs
  • Python.org Jobs
  • We Work Remotely
  • RemoteOk
  • Remotive

Pyremote is made with Django! I write about Django development on my blog 👉 foadmoha.com.